Ind AS is bringing biggest accounting revolution in India

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Ind AS requires valuation as per Ind AS 113

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Ind AS is required to be Implemented by an expert

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Ind AS is a futuristic accounting standard

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Get Ind AS implementaion done and understand its Impact on your tax.

Ind AS Implementation - a strategic issue, not just accounting.

Ind AS conversion is a strategic issue. The board of directors and management need to explain to the stakeholders on changes and impact arising from the Ind AS conversion. Ind AS effects all the verticals of the company and it should be well planned.  

If there is one thing you can take from reading this blog, it is: Develop your Ind AS implementation roadmap soon.To kick off this roadmap, we suggest that you ask your team a few preliminary questions. The answers to these questions should help you gauge the potential effect of Ind AS on your company. For example:
  • Have we identified main differences between Ind AS and Indian GAAP?