The Era of E-Commerce

Friends we are seeing some real competition in E-Commerce,  till months back it was Flipkart vs #Snapdeal ( which started as a coupon seller) and then entered the big Amazon India,  but now the mobile recharger Paytm is taking all by storm with its great cash back policy.

The second battle is for cheapest car experience giver,  from the yellow taxies on kolkata Street we have two players fighting,  the first is multinational #Uber and on the other side is #ola cabs which recently acquired TaxiForSure and has also launched its services in kolkata.  In other cities ola also provides Auto Rickshaw services. Now both Uber and Ola are giving ride @ Rs 9 /Km with other charges and on the other hand the Ambassador charges Rs 12 /km.

You open any newspaper at least once a week you have a online website or mobile app advt ranging from #Savan to #Housing or the e commerce website trying to prove which website has biggest sale, and specially those first page advertisements which have taken place of erstwhile headlines and many others apps are spread by word of mouth like #newshunt, Only God knows their revenue model but the customers are presently laughing and enjoying the online purchases.

The question is how long will these discounts would be funded by Nasdaq. Yes these business models are funded by various angel investors who are funding your online discount to make you loyal customer and help them to wipe out brick and motar stores,  but they are forgetting that we Indians don't remain loyal to ourself itself,  we are only loyal to better discount.

My second question is, where is competition commission of India, are this online mania less than the dumping done on our port, why no anti dumping duty for these e Commerce,  why no support to home grown Ola and Flipkart which are fighting unfair battle with these MNC (although the Flipkart and Ola are no more Indian as Major Angel Investors are from abroad).

Friends I just wanted you to understand the other side of coin,  we are buying online, but it seems online would give the mall culture a taste of their own medicine, remember what malls  had done to small locality shops. We wont go to #bigbazar and #localbaniya, #bigbasket and #morekirana are there, we wont visit the medical store as #sastasundar fulfills that need.

I remember the best line ever heard by me " CHANGE IS THE ONLY CONSTANT" which proves true by the current changing time.

#IndianRetailRevolution #WakeUpIndia #BeingCA
Vivek Agarwal